5 Ways Drunk Messaging Influencers Can Help your ROI

By Crescent Seward

Reasons to not drunk text your crush (or ex) are the same reasons not to drunk message influencers when you see their on-point espadrilles hanging off a boat on the Amalfi Coast. Sure those shoes are amazing and you do want to know where to find them (save the LIKEtoKNOWit crap … that’s too complicated when fueled on rosé). I’m not going to condone any obsessive, irrational drunk messaging but hear me out on this one.

Waking up to an Instagram message from said espadrilles-wearing blogger will suddenly spark excitement.

She noticed me and my amazing blog and wants me to collaborate! Soon I’ll be sailing the seas with her as her special guest at the next Revolve event! But my hopes and dreams are crushed when … it’s just a kissy-face emoji. Huh? Oh wait. I think I’m starting to remember what happened last night. My embarrassment washes over my now-red face in a hot flash.

But is it really that bad? No. And I’ll tell you why. Here are five ways a drunken message can help your ROI:

1. Communication As long as you don’t bully the influencer or disrespect her, a connection is still a connection. A positive, drunken shout out to the espadrilles is obviously a silly message to receive but if your target took the time to respond, that’s progress. You’ve opened a door of communication that you otherwise never would have had. What you do with it next could potentially help you!

2. Networking Don’t think traditional, brick and mortar networking — think digital networking. Now’s your time to find like-minded influencers and companies to connect with. Say the influencer tells you where she purchased her sought-after espadrilles, so you go find her Instagram page … then and find out the company is hiring for a position you’d be perfect for! You never know.

3. Advice Now here’s something that influencers do a lot: offer advice. They know their worth, their passion and their struggles before they got where they are now. Some are more than happy to share the wealth (so to speak) and offer solutions.

4. Reach Let’s face it, I mean followers. When an influencer publicly replies to your comment, likes you or likes one of your comments, potential followers are watching. You are now in the inner-espadrilles circle.

5. Opportunity This is also just another word for collaboration. Let’s collab. Please don’t straight up drunk message “let’s collab” to anyone. Personally, it’s the same as when that certain someone creepily texts you: “what are you wearing?” No. Opportunities are everywhere but it’s important for the relationship to build naturally. Collaborations will happen.

So you see, it’s actually not as bad as drunkenly engaging with a crush. Next time you’re filled with liquid courage, remember each interaction could be used as a positive lead towards your hustle.

[This post was originally published on lunarismoon.com]

CRESCENT SEWARD is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Proper Trends. She is a global public relations, communications and marketing professional with a focus on maintaining a strong brand. She’s a creative powerhouse that loves to get down and dirty with content strategy. She may or may not have drunk messaged an influencer on Instagram. @lunarismoon // crescent@propertrends.com

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